August 3, 2014
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September 11, 2014
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72 HOUR URBAN ACTION Asphalt Oasis

72 HOUR URBAN ACTION Asphalt Oasis

Creating Affection with Asphalt Topic given: ‘Asphalt Oasis- Create affection with Asphalt’. Site give was primary school playground at Wagenhallen. The idea was to create space for students where they can sit together to play, do homework as well as include a surprise element that would fasinate kids. To include Indian essence to the design, rangoli which is made on the loor as welcome gesture in Indian tradition was taken as an inspiration. Canopies were designed with minimal footprint to avoid any obstructions for kids playing around on campus. Coloured sheets were cladded over the canopy to generate dynamic coloured shadows on asphalt. Installation successfully amuses kids and attracts them.

Designed & Built in 72 Hours- 2012

Real-time Competition, Germany


Potclash: Batul Tinwala, Dhawani Shah, Pinal Desai, Jakob Bickel, Franco Berardi, Harriet Kasper, Julian Henschel, Micha Klein, Kai Fischer, Steve Limburg, Johannes Fischer, Beatrix Zingerle