July 3, 2014
72 HOUR URBAN ACTION Asphalt Oasis
September 9, 2014
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PARADIGM SHIFT Design Thesis Mumbai, India

In order to conceive and insert the new program to the old site, with the intension of showing a new dimension to co-existence, design was generated by dissecting the existing structures of the Mill on the basis of program to be inserted. Operations like extriciating, shifting, eliminating and attaching were carried out on the elements of shed. The spaces were made interactive by extroverting them and taking the outside in. Movement through multiple axes interweaves the space making the structure penetrate into itself and fragment into pixels of varying scales. This opened a completely novel and spectacular perspective towards the Mill. The frequent change of scale, eyelevel and perspective, projected with dynamic light-shade-shadow, leaves an individual mesmerized.

B.Arch 5th Year, 2012
Professors: Atrey Chhaya, Dipal Kothari
Project by: Batul Tinwala